Life Lessons

No nagging, no anger, no getting upset. Swift, to the point and perfectly fit to the “crime”. That is how dogs correct puppies, I wish I could be as effective.
I watch Oliver tug at a toy Holly is playing with. She follows along for a while, then Oliver starts getting cocky: growling, tugging harder and harder. Holly stops, stares at him and moves forward about 1/8 on an inch. Oliver drops the toy, pulls his ears back and bows in submission. Holly keeps on playing with her toy, Oliver wanders around a few minutes later the game, or should I say, lesson, starts again.
Sabrina has a slightly different method. Her Royal Highness enjoys a little more force in her corrections. Oliver comes over and tries to lick her face, already showing deference and submission. Sabrina growls deeply, Oliver plasters himself to the ground. Sabrina sniffs every inch of him while he remains paralyzed, Sabrina walks away smug and happy!
Now, if Oliver approaches Sabrina while she is chewing a bone or has any other precious possession nearby, Oliver will be pinned to the ground, he will squeal like she is killing him and Sabrina will poke and peck him a little. Oliver retreats bowing to her Royal Highness. Sabrina is in Cloud 9!
Either because Oliver is persistent, or because he is young and has the attention span of a gnat, this is repeated over and over when he is loose around the house. As hard as it is to watch, he is learning something we humans cannot teach him and these valuable lessons will make him an expert at reading “doggy language” a skill that will keep him out of trouble as well as enable him to make many new dog friends during his lifetime.

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