Capital “B”

I am still trying to find that “perfect” home for Oliver’s brother Brian, but his sister Amelia is quickly sneaking into my heart; and with every day that passes I find it highly unlikely that I will be able to sell her! My family is not surprised at all as they have given up on my dog craziness. I cannot help but see in her the mischievous qualities I just ADORE in my long lineage of black Bitches with capital “B”: Great great-great grandma “Gale”, Great grandma “Stormy”, Grandma “Clarissa” (Oops, she is yellow) and mother “Holly”. Honorary mention goes to Auntie “Sabrina” the mischievous Queen!

I now believe that at least in Labradors, just like there are genes for color, and tail and ear set, there other special genes. Let me explain…
There is one gene she inherited from great-great-great grandma Gale that determines whether you will ever be able to clip your dogs nails without the assistance of ten other people. I discovered Amelia had it when she was just 10 weeks old. Never mind the fact that I have been clipping these puppies nails since they were 3 days old.
Another regulates the force with which a dog will hurl his whole body towards you, so that you may notice she wants something. Amelia has it.
The -push through furniture, other dogs and anything else that may lay in it’s path, to get to be petted first gene- Amelia has it.
The pretend you want to lick my ear and then bite it with those super sharp puppy teeth gene, yep, she has that on too!
As well as the -sneak out the door without you noticing- gene, so that you can then spend 10 minutes calling “Amelia, Amelia, has anyone seen Amelia?” while you secretly fear for the integrity of your beloved possessions!

So for the sake of continuity, this Blog will still be called “See Oliver Grow” with the addendum “and See Amelia Run” and raise havoc in the Scannone-Merida family!

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