Brian has a home! I should say a perfect home.
My colleague Marge Spence, who teaches up in Alachua, referred the most wonderful family I could every hope for. After a bad experience with a previous puppy that they ended having to return to the breeder, they were looking for a little guy or gal with a nice mellow temperament. Their perfect Labrador girl “Amber” had died at 12 1/2 years from a brain tumor and finally the “right” time had come for a new puppy to enter their lives.
I prefer to sell my puppies to previous lab owners, because the chewing phase in Labradors can be quite a challenge, to put it mildly. So when I know that they know what they are getting into I feel better. The cherry on the sundae is the fact that both mom and dad jog and they will eventually take Brian on their runs. A tired dog is a GOOD dog!

The couple came first to check Brian out as they did not want their 10-year old to have to go through another disappointment if this was not “the” puppy. One week later, they came with their son. Since they wanted to keep it a surprise, he was told that they were going out to lunch and then that they were taking a different route back home. Content in the back seat, probably playing a video game, he all of a sudden found himself in our yard with a playful Labrador puppy running to meet him.

While emailing back an forth I learned that the son’s birthday had not been long ago. I offered to put a bow on Brian as a surprise gift for the boy. Upon further thought, I realized that a bow would quickly be shredded to pieces by a curious 14 week old puppy, so I got him a “Gator” bandanna instead. I also knew the dad worked at the University of Florida and I assumed they must be Gator fans. My hunch was confirmed when they all got out of the car and the THREE of them are wearing Gator T-Shirts!

The look on this little boy’s face when he was told that this was HIS puppy is one of those special moments when you get divine reassurance that you are doing what your are meant to do here on this earth.
So it was a literally a bittersweet moment when I placed Brian in the arms of his new family. But I know that he has a mission: to bring them joy, companionship and happiness, what dogs are meant to do here on this earth.
Brian is now named Zeus. He has big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt in my mind that he will do a fantastic job. I also know that “Amber ” who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge is smiling down on him.

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