Amelia’s Paw

I observe Amelia’s paw as she tries to climb all over me while I try, unsuccessfully, to take a power nap. I cannot but stand in awe at its perfection: round, pitch black, all the shinny little hairs arranged in orderly lines, covering it like a bonbon covered in melted chocolate. How can this little paw harbor so much strength? Even her nails are shiny, hopefully a consequence of her Raw Diet and the Salmon supplement she gets everyday in her food. I am proud of the good job I have done about keeping them short. I am now a little nail obsessed since my vet told me how important nails are in sending signals to the brain for balance, proper body posture and prevent injuries –very important for my agility hopeful.

Then I look to my right, where Sabrina who just turned 10 years old, is huddled up to me. She sneaks up on to the supposedly forbidden couch when I take power naps. She is sound asleep, doing a much better job of ignoring Amelia than I am. For an instant I am saddened by her paws, also round, shinny and beautiful and now sprinkled with lots of white hair, getting creaky and a little painful with every year that goes by. I quickly force the thought out of my head, as I know she can hear me. Focus on the good times, I order my brain. It is the natural law of life, maybe a glimpse of my own aging. How many times have I wished, for a slimmer body, faster legs and less pain in my feet. I wish I had started running in Agility when I was younger. Maybe I am the one who is jealous of those perfect puppy feet?

But the passing of time makes us who we are today, hopefully wiser. So for right now I will look back at our journey with my dearest Sabrina, slowing down but still looking at earning the coveted Agility Trial Champion title, we are just 2 qualifying runs away. She has taught me most of what I know in Agility and thanks to her, the ones that I have trained after her have had the privilege of not having to endure my training mistakes. Thank you Sabrina. We hug each other tighter.

And that persistent little paw that won’t let me nap is a glimpse of the new exciting journey that lies ahead. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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  1. Karen Short

    I loved this entry! It reminds us to cherish the dogs who have allowed themselves to love us. Old and young. They really do make our lives more complete.

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