When I decided to start writing a Blog, I did some research to find some tips on how to get started. There is no shortage of advice out there, but one thing was mentioned by ALL sources: Decide how often you want to write and BE CONSISTENT, because your followers will be expecting it, so don’t disappoint them.

This made perfect sense I thought, it is just like dog training. Be consistent, don’t change your commands, don’t give commands you cannot enforce, don’t set up your dog for situations that are more distracting than what you have trained. Consistency is the key to your dog understanding that you really mean what you are asking of him. You confuse your dog when you are constantly varying your criteria and you have to be consistent with your training schedule to see improvement.

So I decided I would post once a week. I could write during the week, revise it over the weekend, get input from my family and post Sunday night or Monday morning. It would be a nice treat for my followers at the beginning of their work week.

Well, I got a taste of my own medicine with this blog writing business. I caught a cold that took two weeks to go away, then we hosted an agility trial that left me exhausted, then…opps, I am out of excuses! I have not posted since October 11. I simply procrastinated and voila, I wrote nothing for a month. I even forgot that I had outlines for not one, but two Blogs!

So many of my students come to class and sheepishly admit: “I did not train at all this week” and you know what is always so amazing? The dogs have not forgotten but the owners are so rusty. So they forget to BE CONSISTENT and then the dog starts getting confused and performs poorly.

So let’s renew our vows together! I will start typing away and you will pick up your leash, load your pocket with treats and get out and train. Your dog will love it and you will feel so much better too. It is so easy to BE CONSISTENT!

I am working on my next two posts. I will be on time, will you?

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