Delightful Combacks

At my last advanced agility class I had two dogs that came back after some time away from training. One of them had been absent for a few weeks and the other one for at least 3 months. It was great to have them back, and there where several things that made me really happy and grateful that I get to “work” doing something I love and enjoy so much.
The first thing I noticed was that the dogs were THRILLED to be back! They had such a huge smile on their faces while they ran it made me smile. I love the fact that my teaching system allows the dog to have fun learning.
The other thing I noticed was that the dogs remembered everything and the handlers were the ones that were rusty! This is funny because handlers coming back from a long break never fail to tell me, “I hope my dog has not forgotten his training” and I always respond: “I guarantee he remembers everything, it will be you who needs the refresher.” They always think I am lying but so far, the dogs have never proven me wrong!
The other thing I enjoyed watching was the camaraderie between the handlers that had not seen each other in a long time!

Agility is such a wonderful sport, it brings dogs and people together, we support and help each other while our dogs prove to us over and over again what wonderful, smart and loving creatures they are!

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