“I really enjoy the classes and especially love watching Callie have so much fun, become increasingly confident with herself and also as part of the group. You teach with a great deal of patience and enthusiasm…exactly how it should be!”

Mindy Vetto & “Callie”

“Lilianne, you are magical, you truly are!”

K. Woods and “Bodie”

“Over the last 10 years I have been involved in Agility training at three different places in New York, Texas and Alabama. I own a retired Agility Champion and started training my Border Collie puppy at Trained Dog Happy Dog with Lilianne. She has an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of dog behaviors. Whether in Obedience or Agility, she confidently and consistently applies her knowledge, skills and love of dog training. She is patient with all dogs and owners and uses positive techniques.
Given the variety of trainers that we have had, I pleased and proud to say that Lilianne is head and shoulders above the rest. We have learned more with her that anywhere else.
I so appreciate of the opportunity that we had to train with her. As Mac and I move into competition, I am sure our training with Lilianne will reflect in his success.”

Anne Sterman and “Mac”

“I started Petunia, my Bull Terrier puppy, in the agility classes at 5 months.
The progress she has made and our bonding experience has been remarkable. I feel as if she is more aware and responsive to me in all our activities together. I now have daily goals and incorporate play with ‘work’.
She has become completely socialized and is at ease with all dogs (a trait very important with this breed). We are now enjoying dog parks and play days.
Thank you Lilianne for helping me make Petunia the companion I always hoped to have.
Can’t wait for our next class!”

Sissy Banks & “Petunia”

“In short, I want to tell you that Chanel and I miss you very much…VERY MUCH. We have not had as much fun up North as we did with you at Trained Dog Happy Dog and truly it is sad but, I think we’ve gone backwards Look how happy we were in this picture at one of your classes! Both of us miss you!!!”

Debbie Bickler and “Chanel”