CE4I0969Agility is one of the fastest growing canine sports in the world! You will quickly discover why when you join and agility class. If you have watched agility on TV and wondered if your dog would like it, we invite you to come to one of our Agility Try-Out Days. Our Agility philosophy is that it has to be super fun and motivational for both sides of the leash. Our main focus is: Safety, so your dog is never scared of any obstacle. Confidence Building, as this will eventually translate into speed. Having fun, as this will help your dog focus on you and ignore all other distractions. CE4I9730 The most common reasons for enrolling in an agility class are fun, for confidence building and to exercise energetic dogs. About 50% of our students take on agility as a hobby and end up competing in matches and trials. From your dog’s first jump to your first qualifying run in a competition, we will guide you all the way.

WARNING: Agility is highly addictive; join at your own risk!