Classes And Fees

Classes and Fees

Agility Try-Out-Day

In this class you will have the opportunity to let your dog play on several agility obstacles under the supervision of an instructor. This will help you decide if this is the sport for you. This class is offered several times throughout the year. Please call and ask to be added to our agility email list to receive notifications about this class.

Cost: $25 (will be applied toward the cost of a Basic Agility Course if you decide to join)

Basic Agility Training

For this course we practice on lower or modified equipment to build your dog’s confidence. You will teach your dog the following basic skills:

  • Target training
  • Stop on command (to stop on yellow)
  • Proper jump technique
  • Straight tunnel
  • Dog-Walk
  • A-Frame

Cost $120 for 4 lessons

Agility Beginner I

This course builds upon the basic skills of the basic course plus:

  • Curved tunnels
  • Handling flatwork
  • Jumping skills
  • Tire, Double and Triple jumps
  • Introduction to the see-saw
  • Introduction to 6 weave poles
  • Simple straight sequences of up to 3 obstacles

Cost $120 for 4 lessons

Agility Beginner II

In this course you will practice:

  • Simple sequences of 3 to 6 obstacles
  • Intermediate see-saw training
  • Correct Weave pole entry
  • Basic Handling Skills
  • Contact training
  • Introduction to Crosses
  • Proper use of Toys for motivation and reward

Cost $120 for 4 lessons

Agility Intermediate I

  • Polish contact training
  • Upgrade to 12 weave poles
  • Complete see-saw training
  • Intermediate handling Skills
  • Out and Turn commands
  • Intermediate sequences of 4 to 8 obstacles

Cost $120 for 4 lessons

Agility Intermediate II

  • Independent Contact Performance
  • Adding speed to weave poles
  • Sending to obstacles from a distance
  • Intermediate handling Skills
  • Intermediate sequences of 6 to 10 obstacles
  • Fundamentals of Course Memorization
  • Fundamentals of Course Analysis

Cost $120 for 4 lessons

Advanced and Competitive Courses

These classes are designed for handlers that have taken agility as a hobby and intend to compete or are actively competing.
In each class you will be presented with different challenges to keep broadening your agility skills. Walking, memorizing and analyzing courses are an integral part of each class. Handlers are challenged to try different handling maneuvers to develop a solid communication system with their dog to maximize speed and motivation.

Cost $120/month

Private Coaching

One-on one private instruction.
This class is recommended if you cannot accommodate to the normal class schedule.
If you need help with specific issues such as: handling, missed contacts, weave pole issues or if you own multiple dogs and wish to split a class among several dogs.
This class can be booked in 30-minute increments

Cost is $60 per hour. Flexible Scheduling, please call  352-529-7796 for an appointment.