Health and Longevity

Health and Longevity

If there was “something” that could extend your dogs HEALTHY LIFESPAN would you want to know?

If you answered YES! You have clicked on the right tab!

Seven years ago I knew that I would have to make that dreaded decision of euthanasia for my the 13 year old beloved “Sabrina”.
For 13 years she had been the alpha female, queen of the pack and active fun dog.
But she no longer wanted to play, she could no longer jump to greet me, she needed help to get up and go out, she had even started soiling inside. That old dog look that said: “Please leave me alone, I am in pain” was too much to bear.
My oath to all my dogs has been, when the quality of life is no longer there, then I have to make that painful decision to be fair to them.

But this time I was blessed! A good friend and holistic veterinarian shared information that rocked my world! For decades, I have always advocated holistic solutions over pharmaceutical with their inevitable side effects. She showed me a report on a new scientific technology that addresses the root cause of aging (oxidative stress). I started Sabrina immediately and in a few months I witnessed the most amazing transformation I could ever hoped for. My listless dog was happy again, the alpha queen once more, playing, roughhousing, tugging and catching treats in the air! The milky film that covered her eyes GONE! She was counter-surfing again like in the mischievous Labrador she had always been!
I could have not been happier to have my naughty dog back! Sabrina lived to be 15, happy and active until her last day on this earth.

Forever grateful to my friend, I have made it my mission to share this information with others.
Upon further research I was elated to find that this technology works for all mammals. Over the years and we have amassed hundreds of life-changing stories just like Sabrina’s.

What is it?

It’s called Genetic Activation: Scientist have discovered, that certain nutritional compounds can flip genetic “switches” that code for Protection, Energy and Vitality/Longevity.

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What is Oxidative Stress?
Click Here to watch an ABC report that explains how this technology was developed.