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5 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hosea Carpenter

    I am interested in competitive agility classes. Please call me on start dates and registration requirements. I have been actively competing with two C-ATCH Dobermans.

  2. Marynelle Hardee

    I am interested in schedule information about your Agility Fun Day and beginning agility classes. Could you let me know when you will be having these next? Thank you.

  3. Gary and Tonnie padgett

    Hi Lillian,
    Tonnie and I have been traveling and hunting with both German shorthairs and before when we stopped the obedience classes we did because we gave the puppy back to he breeder for more training before we went hunting.
    We are back now and would like to start again with the obedience with the puppy. I think maybe we still have a few classes left from last time.
    When are you giving them again as we want to socialize the puppy more with people and other dogs still.

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