Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It’s hard to believe! Oliver and Amelia have turned two!

The memory of the super soft fur, tiny ears and puppy breath still lingers in my mind.

While watching them play in the littler box, I used to wonder how they would be when they grow up?

I also remember all the planning, socializing, natural rearing so they would grow into smart, loving and healthy dogs.

Let me tell you that even though they were raised in identical conditions, they have turned out to be my YING/YANG pair!

Oliver is the best dog one could ever hope for: loving, obedient, smart, eager to please, an awesome retriever and swimmer. I have installed veterinary mobile apps to take great care of him. The icing on the cake is that he is also a handsome dog. When we go to agility trials, he has a fan club of admirers that come to pet him and comment on how gorgeous he is. As a proud mom, I could not be happier and more grateful. Now she is getting the best supplements as per the SF Weekly reviews, I want her to grow old and strong.

Amelia, on the other hand does not come to the trials with us. Why? First of all she is not even close to being ready to compete and second she is a HANDFUL!

Amelia has one and only one mission in her life: cram the most amount of fun into the shortest amount of time! She wants your undivided attention all of the time, she wants to play, chase, run, steal anything remotely edible, hoard all the toys, jump on you, bug the other dogs and sleep on top of you. All of this done with at least three times the force a “normal” dog would use leaving everyone involved bruised and exhausted.

She had her own B-Day party by jumping on the dining room table, stealing a Blueberry marmalade jar (glass of course), taking the lid off and eating it’s contents until it was not even sticky anymore.

Maybe the lesson in this is to be grateful for the awesome things in your life and love everyone for their own uniqueness.