Fun Events

Throughout the year we organize many different events and fun days to help raise funds for our local non-kill animal rescue group: WAG (Williston Animal Group).
The Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween contest have become the most popular among our students and friends. Other events like Pool Days, Lure Coursing and Tracking are fun activities that are greatly enjoyed by both ends of the leash.
The best way to notified about these fun days is to email us and ask to put on our “Events” e-mail list or to sign up for our monthly Newsletter “The Happy Howl”.

Here are some photos of past Events…                                          DSC_0089 DSC07953 DSC07948DSC06310 DSC01978 030820-004a 021020-001 DSC03323 DSC03322 DSC03354DSC_0066DSC06316
DSC03361DSC03326DSC04054DSC08970DSC06331Cody Easter eggs