CPE Agility Trials Information

CPE Agility Trial Information

Agility Trial Sanctioned by

  Fri/Sat/Sun May 7th, 8th & 9th, 2021

21971 E. Levy St., Williston FL

JUDGE: Ray Wheeler

Please let us know if you need more information about the agility trial or if you find a mistake on this page. Thank you

    • CPE COVID-19 Waiver for P&Q in PDF format: click HERE
    • CPE Coronavirus Guidelines 01/01/2021 in PDF format: click HERE
    • Running Order (Constantly changing due to DOS) in PDF format: click HERE
    • Please follow CPE Social Distancing Guidelines
    • Day of show entries:  7:00 to 7:15 am.  $16 per class.
    • Measuring & Check-in:  7:15 to 7:45 am. 
    • First dog in the ring:  7:45 am.
    • CPE Rulebook 2019, P. 18, Gate Steward. “Dogs MAY NOT be moved by handler’s choice. Dogs must run in order unless there is a conflict.”
    • If you are able to volunteer, please let us know. Please THANK! your volunteers!  If it wasn’t for the volunteers, we couldn’t have the trials and play.
    • Day to day move-ups will be taken for classes that are duplicated. Please see the gate steward for changes prior to running. Move-ups for the following day must be written in the form by the end of the last class. “Move-up” form will be available at the results table.
    • Course Maps will be available for download the evening before each trial date here and also posted at the trial site.
    • Friday Maps:   
    • Saturday Maps:    
    • Sunday Maps:   

Running Order and Groups

Please check your confirmation carefully. Contact the Trial Secretary to report any discrepancies with your entry. No changes will be made once the trial has been completed when the handler did not report an error before or at the trial.
Trial Secretary: Miguel Scannone.  TDHD@TrainedDogHappyDog.com